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What To Expect From The 2017 Geneva Motor Show – Perfil – Foro Fort Negrell
28 agosto, 2017


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What To Expect From The 2017 Geneva Motor Show
What To Expect From The 2017 Geneva Motor Show
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id="article-body" class="row" section="article-body">                                                                  Geneva plays host to one of the most interesting auto shows of the year, where supercars and conceptual masterpieces play alongside far more pedestrian offerings. This year looks to be no different, but before the show kicks off in the second week of March, let's give you a refresher on what to expect.Alpine A110 Alpine never made a name for itself in the US, outside of hardcore motorsports fans and Gran Turismo junkies. But that doesn't make its return any less exciting! Alpine is set to debut its since the 1990s at the Geneva show, and it's looking quite promising. This Renault subsidiary promises a midengine, 파워볼사이트 rear-wheel-drive sports coupe with proportions familiar to fans of the storied marque. And judging by the initial pictures we've seen, it's living up to those promises. It might come to the US, or it might not, but no matter what, it'll probably end up in another racing game sooner or later.It's nice to see something new in the somewhat-affordable, midengine sports car segment.   Renault   BMW 5 Series TouringDo you like wagons? Do you like lusting over wagons you'll probably never see in the US? Then this one's for you, bud.BMW will debut its station wagon at Geneva this year. It's basically the exact same as the 5 Series sedan, but with extra junk in the trunk, so you can store more, um, junk in your trunk. It arrives in Europe with four different engines -- two gas and two diesel. Were it to come to the US, those diesels probably won't hitch a ride across the pond.There's no word yet on whether or not BMW will add the M5 to its Touring lineup, and we probably have a ways to go before we find out, because the M5 sedan hasn't even been announced yet. But here's hoping!

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